Boardchicks Coaching Week — 4-11 november 2018

Do you want to take your surfing to the next level? Do you love being in the ocean, are you confident paddling out the back and catching unbroken waves? Do you feel a little stuck and need some feedback? Then this trip might be a life changer! You’ll be handed the tools to get to that next level, but most importantly you’ll go on an unforgettable surf trip, where you’ll be in the ocean every day, surrounded by likeminded people sharing your stoke and maybe even making new friends for life.
We’ll use video footage to ensure a very personal approach in our coaching and feedback, we’ll dive into some theory on manoeuvres and we’ll use carver/skateboards to work on your stance and turns on land.

If this all makes you excited but you’re afraid you are ‘not good enough’, -we girls somehow always think that-, don’t be! The only condition to sign up for this week is being able to catch unbroken waves.

We’ll be staying at Surfhouse Sanvi in the cute and picturesque little town San Vicente de La Barquera, North of Spain:

Depending on the conditions we will pick the best spot for the lesson every morning.
We’ll mainly surf at the bay of San Vicente (Playa Merron & Gerra) -5min drive from the surfhouse- and when the waves get too big, we can go to Playa Oyambre -15min drive from the surf house- which is more sheltered. Both beaches have very easy access and are gentle beach breaks, which means perfect waves to improve on.
November is a good time of year to surf the Atlantic coast of Spain. There’s generally plenty of swell around, smaller crowds and the water isn’t too cold yet.

The plan:
The surf house will provide breakfast every morning. The other meals we will either cook together or we will go to one of the local restaurants in town, this is not included in the price.

During the week there are 5 surf lesson (most likely in the morning) and video analysis (at night), 1 theory lesson about manoeuvres, 1 surfskate lesson and 1 surfyoga lesson. Every day you’ll have part of the day off to go surf more or do other things.

As we have the Picos de Europa super close, we have the option of going for a little adventure/hike and explore this super beautiful mountains. There are a lot of possibilities, but it will depend on how many girls would be interested and of course of the weather and waves conditions.

Price: €335

– 7 nights accomodation
– 7x breakfast
– 5x 2h surflesson + video analysis at night
– 1x theory lesson
– 1x surfskate lesson
– 1x surfyoga lesson
– All (surf)photos of the week
– Use of all facilities of the surf house

Not included:
– Material (board + wetsuit)
– Lunch & Dinner
– Daytrip to the Picos de Europa // price depending on how many girls would be interested in this
– Airport pickup from Santander or Bilbao // price depending on how many girls would be interested in this
– More yoga lessons // price depending on how many girls would be interested in this

You can fly to Bilbao or Santander (depending on where you coming from).

There are direct busses from Bilbao and Santander to Ribadesella
Check out: for more info.

If you wanna have more flexibility and freedom, we recommend you rent a car. You could also rent a car together or if there’s more girls interested in renting a car, we can organise renting something for the whole group. Please let us know what you prefer and we will figure something out! 🙂

Minimal inquires to make the trip happen: 6 chicas
Maximal inquires to keep it a small group: 12 chicas

Some info about the coaches:
Your surfcoaches will be Nette from the Netherlands and Anneleen from Belgium.

Nette: “I have always been addicted to sports, didn’t really matter what. When I was 14 I stood for on a snowboard for the first time and that’s when my love for boards sports started. Unfortunately I didn’t grew up at the coast, but when I was 17, doing a summer job on one of the Dutch Island,  I got in touch with surfing. I was addicted to surfing from that moment on…
After that I started working for surfcamps, doing lots of dishes and cooking, so I could just live close to the ocean and surf. In 2013 I decided to do my surf coach course and ever since I have been teaching for schools and camps in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Lanzarote, Portugal and the UK. Two years ago I decided to do the second level of surf coaching (ISA Level 2), so I could improve my coaching and surf knowledge. I’m really stoked to be sharing my passion for the ocean and to be hosting this trip for a bunch of stoked surfer girls and women who want to work on their technique.”

Anneleen: “I grew up as a gymnast and have always been interested in trying different sports and outdoor activities after that career came to an end. After working a winter season in the Alps 5 years ago, I got a job at a surf camp and gave this wave riding a go. Being in my mid twenties and ready with my masters in physical education and movement science, I then decided to find work at a location where I could learn to surf. Fuerteventura was the one and I got hooked ever since. Nearly every decision I’ve made since then has revolved around surfing. I started teaching in 2015 and worked in Spain, France, Fuerteventura, Wales (at the wavepool) and Australia. I believe starting surfing at a later age helps me relate to students since I remember very clearly and have analyzed what I’ve been struggling with. I also love how I have been able to apply knowledge I gained my studies on sports psychology and biomechanics in my lessons. I can’t wait to meet you guys in Ribadesella and help you become more competent and confident surfers.

Where are you waiting for? 🙂
To book please send an email to